Photo of 7th Grade - Exploring Probability from Britt Gow

7th Grade - Exploring Probability from Britt Gow

By Britt Gow




Students from two countries were able to comment on the slides which show images of probability problems. My students enjoyed this exercise and another teacher has used it in her class to extend each of the problems.


I used images from Flickr CC chosen for their relevance to chance and probability - snooker balls, chocolates, coloured sweets and cards for example. These images were uploaded and a question put into the title for students to answer.

Students enjoyed this way of learning probability because it used everyday examples of aspects of chance. My aim was for them to express probability in numerical terms - as a fraction or a percentage, rather than more general terms (possible, likely, unlikely). They were able to do this at the conclusion of the lesson.

Easy Parts

The easiest part of the project was uploading images and asking the questions.


Microphone set-up and student sign-ins (forgotten passwords, no account, no avatar) were more difficult.


Flickr CC was a good source of creative commons images.


Limit the number of slides so students each have a realistic chance of completing the activity.


Describing how to do fraction, decimal and percentage problems, for example for a SALE catalogue, baking a cake, adding money.