Photo of Grades 3-6 - Hindi

Grades 3-6 - Hindi


This VoiceThread was created as a homework assignment for STARTALK summer Hindi immersion camp for kids in grades 3rd thru 6th. Kids loved this homework, as no writing was involved, and they could use the technology and it gave them good reading, listening and speaking practice.


First I created a Word document using Hindi (devnagari) script. This document listed several everyday Hindi sentences in correct and incorrect forms. The document then was converted to a PDF document and uploaded on VoiceThread. Since not everybody could read, I read each sentence in its right and wrong form, as I circled them with the doodler. Kids then had to record their answers choosing the right answers. They did this by logging in at home.


Goal of the project was to enable students to learn correct grammar without having to correct them in the classroom. The assignment was also intended as a formative assessment to assess students’ learning and grasp of Hindi after first week of Hindi immersion camp (this was a two-week camp). We gave students one VoiceThread assignment every day in the second week to assess their learning.

Easy Parts

The easiest part was getting the students to participate.


Used google’s free Hindi transliteration service to create the Word document in Hindi.


I learned that VoiceThreads can be used very effectively to model correct spoken language. Students can listen to these again and again, if they need to. My advice would be to use VoiceThreads extensively, if you’re teaching any kind of conversational skills.


This could also be used by giving only the wrong sentences in the original document and then having students correct these in their comments!